Saturday, August 25, 2012

aztec love

HI GUYS ! My today outfit is consists of AZTEC PATTERNED SHIRT that I found on SH , as always the best clothes I founded on second hand shops. The grey shorts are made from old sweatpants when I had a good idea , just cut it for any lenght You want and sew the sides to make curl effect . Well I must get up and dress for wedding day , rememeber to don't look better than bride ! Have a nice day all fashion smokers !
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  1. Love it! This shirt is amazing!! And your blog is amazing, and your lookbook...actually you are amazing :P

  2. ur english is fucking terrible for reaaaaaaaal. you should grab some grammar books and shit... aztec shirt? is u fuckin serious? NATIVE AMERICAN SYMBOLS google tht shit A-FUCKING-SAP, doe.

  3. Hello) I really like this outfit!)

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  4. II really LOVE your style! Very nice♥
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    Love, Lie